I would like to apologize for those who waiting sexy girls picture in my blog. I will not upload here hehe…

Just like what I had told you guys regarding my ticket. It’s FREE.

2 Gay + Aqua shot.

1st, I would like to touch about their management. The information is little bit confusing. The facilities also not maintain well such as when rain, the water can fall to the seat. The parking site is quite worse because dirty and not really clean. I more prefer the shuttle bus that they provide. I really like their service of shuttle bus because clean, comfortable and also efficient. Even though I’m not F1 fan, but for guest like me still want something that I can get from the event as memories. But most of the souvenir quite expensive.

Some of the picture during event:

Mini Formula 1

Merchandise and the girls who sell headphone easily to find outside and inside hall.

The program that provide for visitors.

You must have the parking sticker if you want park your car at the car park that they provide. It’s will cost you at RM50.

Some of my friends who work part time and also can you see the price for the meal?
Let me do the description: Soft drink or Mineral Water RM5, Satay set RM25 (8 stick), Burger set RM25 and Fish & chip RM25 also.

Autograph sessions.

Some of the fanatic Formula one fan.

Preparing & ready for race.

Race starting.

The event has goes successful and smoothly. Just for suggestion to make the autograph session little bit long because I pity on behalf of F1 fan. Most of them has queue for long time and when almost reach to the stage, the driver such as Fernando stop give autograph.