HackAway is a special tailor-made workshop, covering hands-on IT Security training for you to experience real-time practice and learn the security tips.

Protect yourself from cyber criminals!

According to a report published by Identity Theft resource Center, a total of 222,477,043 personal records were exposed in 2009. Besides online threats, companies are also being subjected to other security issues such as Social Engineering, Internal Threats, Viruses and Worms from file sharing, Usage of Wireless Networks among others. The extensiveness of these threats leads to the increase demand for IT Security and E-Business professionals worldwide.

In view of this, EC-Council offers a whole spectrum of industry-standard IT Security and E-Business programme to address this critical need across all industries. The EC-Council certification programmes combines both business and technical training to impart solid background necessary to build successful e-businesses.

25 September 2010 – Saturday
Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis
* Introduction to Penetration Testing
* Vulnerability Assessment
* Types of Penetration Testing
* Testing Points and Locations
* Step by Step on doing a Pentest
* Tools

28 September 2010 – Tuesday
Malware Exposed!
* ‘Say Hi to Malware’ will introduce various types of malware and its features (hands-on)
* Dealing with Malware Incident will expose sys/network admin on how to response towards malware cases (include end-users response)
* Malware Analysis will share on how to setup lab environment & perform static + dynamic analysis

Limited to 20 seats!

Venue : EC-Council Academy
Time : 9.00am-1.00pm
Website: HERE!

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants (EC-Council) is a leading provider of IT Security certification and is a member driven international organization of academicians, industry practitioners and professionals from the e-Business domain. Members include practitioners from all levels and of various fields in a broad range of industries. These include specialized areas such as academias and education, information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, communications and government services. EC-Council provides professional certification and facilitate peer interaction to build and enhance the knowledge, skill and professional growth of its members.

EC-Council has trained more than 80,000 individuals in 60 countries globally. With more than 30,000 security professionals certified, EC-Council’s list of members continues to grow rapidly. EC-Council also actively engages and certify key government organizations and corporations worldwide. To highlight the importance of e-Security, EC-Council participates in various Global Conferences and engages in Special Interest Groups.