The orientation Night May 2009

Every semester, our team of counselors design and conduct countless activities and events in order to welcome new students into this university. It is important that new students get our first-hand attention during their first few weeks of stay here. Being involved in activities, getting to know people and understand new cultures are some important aspects that students must pay attention to. Hence, the weeks that they had been together and worked together will show in tonight’s Orientation Night which we will see their fruitful effort in building teamwork and performing leadership skills as well as cultural understanding.
Therefore this orientation night we bring you the Hollywood Night, which aims and provides a platform for young, passionate and talented students to showcase their talent to the public. Hollywood Night is also a way for the counselors to show appreciation to the new students.



The counselors.

Felix a.k.a. OC

My best friends… a.k.a. Mc on the day Ganesh & Philip

The judges.

Our boss ^^ Mr Alfred.

Me & Xin Ci
Xin Ci, Celvin, Me & Carl.

The back of the house…


Meet the spartans can’t perform with out “bantal busuk”

Last minute make up…

Zombie in toilet =.=”

The performance…
Indian cultural dance.

Power Rangers & Spiderman.



Meet the Spartans + Matrix + Rambo ^^

Play poker…what scene is it?

The audience who show their skills.

Qai & Tiara show their talents.




Would you marry me?

Stage of the day.

Slumdog millionaire.


Leng zhai…

Aqua ^^

Need fan?

Karate do

Follow angel or demon?

Follow guy better.

Prize giving…
Mr. Edward Joseph a.k.a my lecturer of Diploma in Hotel Management.

Ms Anis a.k.a. Department Students Affair officer.

Ms Etta Cheong a.k.a. my human resource lecturer.

1st place

The Orientation was end but the fellowship just begin…