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Do you want to win tickets to the coolest creative art festival in Malaysia – Urbanscapes? Well if you do, stay tune cause nuffnang got 45 pair of tickets to be given away just to Nuffnangers! But before we get to the Santa Claus mode, let’s have a brief update of what are the sizzles in Urbanscapes 2009! A) MUSIC Here are the music acts confirmed so far. Headlining Acts:
– Gerhana Ska Cinta
– Pop Shuvit
– Yuna
– Killeur Calculateur
– Twilight Actiongirl
– Pure Vibracion “Junk’s Choice” Slots
– Special user-votable slots for music performances at the festival (visit ww.urbanscapes.com.my for info & full list of votable acts) Collaborations: Participants
– Damn Dirty Apes (band) x Perez Oldskool (motion visuals artist)
– Deepset x Nyoba Kan
– Ronnie Khoo, Azmyl Yunor & Yong Yandsen x Kit Ong’s “The Flowers Beneath My Skin” B) EXHIBITIONS
Urbanscraps: An Installation Art Exhibition
Urbanscraps is about creating site-specific, interactive installations made completely from found or discarded objects from KL city. Participants
– Arteri
– Bright Lights At Midnight (BLAM) + Jazmi Iwan (installation / multimedia)
– Lost Generation Space
– Lisa Foo
– Fabian Tan
– Creative United Movement (C.U.M) 24HRKL Photography Exhibition
24 Hour KL is a collaborative project that invites photographers all over the city to snap shots of oft-unseen scenes around KL. Focused on highlighting the undiscovered and underexposed side of life in our city, we aim to show the city from a whole new light. At 1pm, 7pm, 4am, and every moment in between. Partner Curators:
– KLickr
– Kuku Besi Multi-Media Installations
VJ Mapping & Interactive Media Installations Urbanscapes will be working with several multi-media art collectives and VJs to create a unique and one-of a kind multi-media art installation. Participants:
– Jazmi Izwan
– Efozy
– Motiofixo / Bangkit Participants:
– They Art Studio
– Awat
– Stoodle
– Michael Chuah
– Karya
– eightyfourcube
– Pipit
– Oh and Ah C) FILM
“KLue’s Choice” Slots
– Audience-votable Feature Films (visit www.urbanscapes.com.my for info & full list of votable films) Short Films
Partner Curators:
– Filmmakers Anonymous
– Freedom Film Fest
– KLue Popcorn & Soda
Improv theatre and performances performed at various areas around Urbanscapes. Participants:
– KL Stompers
– Rather Peculiar Theatre
– The ComeBackKings
– Artificially Intelligent : Improvholics Anonymous (AIIA)
– The Oral Stage
– KLPac: T4YP
– Tugu Drum Circle E) MARKETPLACE Partner Curators:
Pop Collective
Joujou + Shugi
Lah’ Lah’ Land
Badger I bet most of you art enthusiasts are eager to participate in the Urbanscapes 2009 right? Now to get yourself and a friend invited to the exclusive Urbanscapes 2009, all you gotta do is just by leaving a comment in the nuffnang blog post telling us why do you think Urbanscapes rocks!! Tell us well and you’ll be on your way to attend Urbanscapes 2009 with a friend for no charge! That’s right! The best 45 commentators will win themselves a pair of exclusive invites to Urbanscapes 2009!! Closing date for comment submission is on the 24th of June 2009. An email will be sent to the winners letting them know that a pair of tickets have been reserved under their name and ready to be collected at a special counter at Urbanscapes 2009! This is a chance for you to share with us your passion about art. Don’t be shy and start commenting now!