Fun-Test-Trick is just around the corner and it is time to anticipate and get excited! If you are a student of Taylor’s College, it is now or never to grab a friend of yours and register for the team competition. Stand a chance to win RM1000, RM800 and RM600 worth of cash and prizes (winner, first runner up and second runner up respectively). The participation fee is RM35 per person and that makes RM70 per team.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who prefer to fly solo, we have an individual competition just you. The participation fee is just RM15 and knives are provided. However, in order to compete in this particular category, you have got to have the skills in order to win a cash prize of RM200. Yes, there will only be one winner and it will be decided by the public through voting slips.

What kind of skills are they talking about?

Carving skills!
The participants for the individual competition are required to carve a given fruit based on a famous festival; Halloween. We call it “The Mystery Fruit” because we do not plan to reveal it until the very last second before the competition begins. We would like to limit the chance of participants Googling or suddenly evolving into bookworms prior to the day of the competition. We enjoy raw and true skills; we believe the public does too.

Due to the fact that Fun-Test-Trick is held on Halloween day, everyone is welcomed to add a little sugar and spice by dressing up. We already guarantee that there are tricks but how about treats? For that, you would have to join us in your favorite costume and find out for yourself.

For more information, you can contact one of the following people…
: Hussain Ahusan (Ahu) – 014 327 6912
: Oh Chen Leong (Teddy) – 016 311 0664
: Fathmath Najna Ali (Nanna) – 017 621 7579
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The 1st day of their roadshow…manage to know about the event when I drop by @ Taylor College.