Standard Charted Bank.
License To Lead From Asia With Love.
Leadership Call: Will You Lead or Be Led?

The first Standard Charted Bank Event that organized by MyC! last week.

How cool it can be? A rich and good looking man with sports car & of course surrounding with beautiful ladies… I wish I could…
Me & Andrea… The singer of the day.

Me & Rachel.

Me, Rehka & Kingston.

Hitomi…teach me how to play Piano please…I want play for her Wo Ke Yi Songs…^^

The Stage.

The Crowd.

Given to each table for create the noise.

Tiger Beer…

Red wine? That’s awesome.

Our table is the 1st one leh…hehe XD XD

Mandarin Oriental Singapore food not really nice if want compare with the normal restaurant who served western food.

Appertizer, Duet.
Ahi Confit/Saffron Salmon,
Relish of Ginger & Mango,
Tobiko Emulsion & Designer Sprouts


Soup, Garden Scent.
Field Mushroom Cappuccino,
Chive Foam and Cepe Powder.

Main Course, Free-Range Poulet.
Grilled 1/2 baby Chicken on Vegetables “Ratatouille“,
Asparagus and tarragon Jus,
Oil of Herbs.
The gravy taste like soya sauce but a little bit sweet and bitter.

Dessert, Coconut Cocoa.

MyC! Staff…