Standard Charted Bank.
License To Lead From Asia With Love.
Leadership Call: Will You Lead or Be Led?

MyC! Team…Group Photo.

MyC! James Bond?

While prepare our self, camwhore is important ^^ Feeq & Rachel Ng… She is the most camwhore girl @ MyC! XD

Which one is my car? hmmm…. no SLK ka? Small Little Kancil… ^^

The theme is James Bond & Casino. Most of the guest can enjoy their self with a Las Vegas mode before they enter the dining room.

Beer & Wine is best couple for a dinner night.

Rose. Same as girl…Beautiful but must be careful because you might get hurt.

Registration Counter.

Mohandas Gandhi … Truth stands, even there be no politic support, It self-sustained

Nelson Mandela…You take the front line when there is danger. The people will appreciate your leadership. I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.

I wish she is her…Miss her so much…

FeeQ & Kingston.

FeeQ & Rachel…Hey…where are you looking at?

Ni ok ma?

Ellyse told me… “Feeq, you can’t fly!!!”

Birthday present & wish from MyC! to Steven.

Grilled 1/2 baby Chicken on Vegetables “Ratatouille“,
Asparagus and tarragon Jus,
Oil of Herbs.

Creme Brulee of Coconut
Berry Compote and Sauce.

Thanks to steven for the dinner.

Camwhore again…(Rachel Ng & Ellyse), (Melvin), (Ellyse, FeeQ & Rachel Ng)…While waiting for the dinner @ Boat Quay…