Philip Iron Your Way To Be A Star Grand Finale was held at One Utama on 18.11.09.

Hair Stylish from Hair Chezz.

Marcus Modeling.

Supporter & The Crowd.

Emcee of The Day…Liang.

Performance from Urban Groove.

Amber Chia…Who don’t know her go jump into the sea XD

Align CenterAmber Chia, Jason & Deborah Priya Henry.

Naeem Shahab Khan. Director, Sales Organization Leader, Philip Consumer Lifestyle.

Jason Ko. CEO & Editor MyC! News.

Amber Chia. Malaysian Supermodel & Actress.

Deborah Priya Henry. Miss Malaysia 2007.

Contestant 1; Khaw Joo Cheng, 19, Sunway University College

Contestant 2, Nabila Farhana, 22, MMU Cyberjaya.

Contestant 3, Kit Wei Lee, 22, SEGi College.

Contestant 4, Wong Miao Yi, 23, UCSI University.

Contestant 5, Lum Ying Ling, 19, Sunway University College.

Contestant 6, Wong Jan You, 21, HELP University College.

Contestant 7, Umah Devi, 20, UCSI University.

Contestant 8, Lucelia Yong, 18, UCSI University.

Contestant 9, Marcia Tan, 19, Help University College.

Contestant 10, Sabrina Koh En Huey, 19, KDU College.

Contestant 11, Cynthia Maryline, 19, UCSI University.

Iron cloth competition with the Philip Steam Iron.

Cocktail dress…

Pose with a Philip product.

2nd Runner Up… Umah Devi

1st Runner Up… Lum Ying Ling

Grand Final… Cynthia Maryline

From left to right…
Umah Devi, Cynthia Maryline, Lum Ying Ling.

Group photo.