This time, the PC Fair was held at the same place. Located at KLCC, this year PC Fair lesser and lesser from previous PC Fair that I attend. Not much item that sold. 1st of all, I would like to apologize that I will not post any hot chicks since I’m not interested to snap their picture. Went there just for fun and review some of the item such as camera accessories and laptop.

Warm welcome from Jackie Chan at Kaspersky booth.

PC Guru… I lucky enough to get 1 notebook from them since I also plan to go buy some notebook for write down any important program.

Cool huh XD

The crowd. It’s not too heavy human traffic since it’s first day. Phew…I hate crowded. Then, I went to KLCC Kinokuniya book store to buy “Famous Street Food of Penang” that cost me at RM28.00 since I’m planning to go penang on 24th of september. Anybody wanna guide me go around at penang?