The 9th Annual Fun Run was organized by Nilai University College on 3rd June 2009. It’s was held at Nilai University College which is participate by more than 500 people not only from students but also joined by outsider such as Nilai Landscape.

The day before the actual event, Mr. Alfred and his team from Department Students Affair was conduct the meeting and briefing with the helper. The purpose of meeting is to inform and explain to the helper regarding the job scope. I and Soleha (tebu) was given the big opportunity and hold the responsible to become the official photographer for the fun run. The helper received free t-shirt & meal.

Mr. Michael Yei from a.k.a. Director of Students Affairs was give a speech to the helper. I like what was Mr. Michael told us. “even you just hold the flag, you still part of the people who make the event successfully”

The briefing before the big day.

Registration counter.

The last check point.

Warm up before FUN run ^^.

Dato’ Gan release the runner.

Sorry. I forget who this fellow =.=”

Group A

Group B

Chris is the first runner who complete the distance.

Thanks a lot to the PDRM who help out in the event. They was do a good job which is make sure the runner are safe.

The nursing students who help out during the event.

Refreshment from the MILO & REVIVE

Nilai Landscape which is they all was participate in past 3 years and will go back to their country soon.

The winner.

Food time. It is quite nice which is you pay RM10-RM15 and get free t-shirt, mineral water & food (rice, spicy chicken & Satay)

Beau Bristow is the American Singer.

David Ray.

The album.

They are the singer from America. They was do a good job which is entertain people with their nice songs and cool music.