I guess lifestyle type of restaurant is popular nowadays. I went a few lifestyle and concept restaurant such as FullHouse @ Damansara, The Apartment @ The Curve & Penang Toilet Bowl Concept Restaurant.

Now, The Curve opened a new restaurant serving similar foods, with affordable pricing and has a theme of a garden.

This is my 1st visit to Garden Lifestyle Store & Cafe @ The Curve. I had my visit last time on their another outlet at 1Utama. A lot of people complain on their bad service. During my visit to their 1Utama and The Curve, I don’t have any problem.

Actually I reach early. I went to 1Utama to buy the present and suddenly I saw Garden cafe and I went inside. I take a seat + a cup of coffee. After 20minute only I remember that our dinner is not @ 1Utama but @ The Curve. Paiseh =.=”

Since it’s Garden concept, so most of their decoration like inside the jungle…
Flower, insect… eh no monkey ka?
(did you mean customer is monkey? =.=”)

The entire restaurant was decorated with fake flowers and leaf.

They are actually retail items with a price tag where you can buy.

Haha… MyC! just done Pepsi, now doing a Revive and coming soon Tropicana Twister…

Soup of the day.

Beef Carbonara.
The spaghetti not too bad. I love the cream unfortunately, I can’t take beef. So, I skip it.
I did try some of it since I damn hungry. I think the gravy was too strong for me.

I had Spaghetti Seafood Olio.
It’s was done al-dente and was well tossed with olive oil and chili bits and comes with very fresh shrimps. It’s really sad. Chris told me the taste like fried mee…haha…
The spaghetti a little bit dry and it’s only a prawn mix with the spaghetti. Totally different if want to compare with the beef which is full with cream T.T
I damn hungry until I ate all the prawn and Siang Way shocked that I ate the prawn tail as well… Pity my cute stomach XD

End my dinner with a piece of cake that share with Chris…
It’s a Birthday cake XOXOXO
To be frank,I am not a big fan of cakes unless it’s Tiramisu or Cheesecake XD

On that day I took leave and went back to Nilai University College where I belongs to for 2year and 1/2… I will belongs to them again for another 3 years T.T

We had a exchange game. I get Stephanie Liew name. She wanted a bracelet, so I get for her. Lucky she like it coz I’m really suck on buy a present…
Get a Famous Amos from Edmund… Thank you so much XD

Intern group.

I don’t know why, I love to snap candid shot XD

Some of MyC! family.

Group photo!

P/S: For those who want the photo, please proceed to MyC! accounting department and ask Stephanie Liam. She had a picture for MyC! 2010 Movie Outing @ Seed Cafe and MyC! New Year Dinner @ Garden.