Thanks to Jason a.k.a. MyC! Bos who treat us lunch at The Seed Cafe & 2012 Gold Class ticket at GSC Midvalley.

After the MyC! Photoshoot, all of us went to The Seed Cafe located at Midvalley to have our lunch and after that went to GSC for the movie. My partner of the day is…Siang Way kekeke

Grab some quick lunch and some chit chat then straight went to the cinema.

Ok…Lets the photo do talking XOXO

Cosy interior.

Seed Cafe Menu.

1st: Spaghetti.
This is mine.

2nd: Curry Mee.

3rd: Angel Hair Spaghetti with Garlic Bread.

4th: Spaghetti again ^^

5th: Same with the 1st spaghetti and the differences only they use different type of spagetthi. this one is Angel hair spaghetti.

6th: Spaghetti again.

7th: This one is Rehka spaghetti. Get molested by few of people XDXDXD

8th: The best meal among the best at The Seed Cafe. Since this is the only meal I can see meat ^^

Our drink, Coke.

Why la 3 of you so serious leh?

Rehka, you diet right? XDXDXD
Rehka spaghetti get molested XOXOXO

Group photo?

Me & Siang Way

Chris & Christine.


Stephanie Liam & Vivienne.

Eiko & Zoe.

Pat & Stephanie Liew.

Siang Way & Nikki.

Vivienne & Rehka.

Bos & his wife.

Faizal & his partner.

Rachel Lok & her partner.

Kingston & his partner.

Hani & Amer.

Jhon & his partner.

In the Seed Cafe, you can do anything to their “table cloth”
Even Eiko bring back some XOXOXO

Thank You so much bos XD
For the lunch & movie ^^

Ok guys…
Time to go cinema!!!

So comfortable right inside? ^^
Gold Class leh…but too bad no blanket T_T