From the 1st Part, it continues… This time all of the media was invited by the cute Nomad truck to the place where all the participants will go through. In order to get a best shot, I was seat on the back of the truck with other media as well such as Keisha from travel magazine, Advanced Images magazine, Photo Creator Magazine, Travelmate Magazine, Travelution Magazine, Local Perak News Paper etc.

Pain? My backside totally. In order to get a best shot, I rather seat there even though under the hot sun =.=”

For the previous post that related with this event are:
Earth Camp, WhiteWater Rafting, Mountain School & Red Bull Mountain Bike Trial,

The participants who face a lot of challenge during the competition.

Every participants need to find the “peanut” (the sign).

This what the participants need to do when they reach checkpoint.
To prove that they reach lolx.

I wish I could ride this motorbike…
One to know 1 secret? FeeQ do not have motorcycle licenses XOXOXO

P/S: Coming up Final Part!