Ok guys… I just back from Astro B.yond Blogger night @ Modesto Sri Hartamas.
I have a opportunity to be among 1st 200 people who experience Astro HD.
I will talk more about it in my next post ya…

I believe that this year there’s no Chinese will marry on valentine day since this year valentine day is on Chinese New Year!
OMG!!! I want celebrate both!!!

I receive a call from my mom which is she told me to attend and be a photographer for my cousin wedding on 14 February 2010. I just attend my cousin wedding last month and now, another cousin wedding. My mom called from Singapore and asked me either I’m free or not.
Ok, now is the time to check Aeroline ticket or Air Asia ticket!

I checked my hard disk and I remember that I attend a wedding fair @ midvalley last week. The event is same day with Chocolate Fair!

When la my time? haha
(study 1st la… complete ur master 1st!)

Heart to heart?
Heart To Heart Weddings specializes in wedding planning. Their showroom is situated at the heart of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur.
Website: HERE

The performance of the day…
I wish I could be like him…
Good looking guy, Can play piano and Had a great voice!

The Crowd!

Promoters approach a customer…