Ok guys, this is post for Hannah Tan’s Charity Concert @ Garden’s Ballroom on
20th December 2009. This is my first time attend the charity concert by quite number of artist! Why I said like that? because it consisting about 20 celebrities performing together…

Actually this is pending post & I will post about my Christmas celebration in my next post…
I kena halau by security coz play2 with Santa Clause @ Clark Quay S’pore XD

The Royal Phantom Production dance crew!

Third from left is the Ambassador of Japan (he sang Getaran Jiwa in Malay),
with his wife (right of him)

For your info, on that night there have a lot of celebrities who perform in the name of charities!
Pietro and Serena C, Dennis Lau, Atilia, Jojo Struys, Daphne Iking, Reymee and Sam of INNUENDO, The Fabulous Cats, Meet Uncle Hussain, Reefa, David Lai, Shawn Lee, Douglas Teoh and Fellest Ya, Harith Iskander, Ash Nair, Sasi The Don, Liang!

Hannah Tan in The House!

Malaysian’s top beatboxer, Shawn Lee!

David Lai… Magic guy on that day!
Minding-reading session & make the fork into to pieces?
I want RM10 become RM50 please XO

Innuendo… Sam and Reymee!
Guess what song that they sang on that day?
Belaian Jiwa! old school huh? but still the best XD

The Fabulous Cats!

Harith Iskander!
He still with his joke, hantam songs…but that what we love about him…

Meet Uncle Hussain!



Dennis Lau…
I wish I could be like u… But I want learn play piano XP


Jojo Struys with her Tap Dance!

Like usual… Liang but this time he not emcee… He sang XD

Top left… Daphne Iking, This women I forget her name leh T.T
Bottom left… Sasi The Don, Atilia.

I really like him…
Who said they love violin but don’t know him, go die la XP
Dennis Lau in the house!

1: Augustine & Me
2: Me & Coco
3: Dusty, Hitomi & Me

Went to Pasta Zanmai with the blogger… All hungry like hell… Me? I always hungry what ^oo^
Left… Spotted differences between guy camewhore & girls camewhore? XD
Top Right… I love their blackpepper! Hitomi said today I’m damn blur? =.=” Amanda… Wait I become so rich then only I give u my camera ya…