As mentioned before, Fun-Test-Trick is a hybrid of a range of hospitality competitions and a mini carnival. Since we have talked about the competitions in “Pump Up The Energy”, we would like to provide you with more information regarding the carnival this time around.

The carnival is made up of several booths; consisting of merchandize, food and beverage and loads of exciting games (Of course!). A carnival is never one if there are no games where you can take part in order to bring something home, be it big or small. However, it is compulsory for you to have at least one booklet of coupons before you can test your skill or try your luck in any games.

Are you wondering what the grand prize is?
Wonder no more as they reveal it to you…

*Not the 3 lenglui k…

Yes, bear bear is so cute! So, what are you waiting for? Please save bear bear from that 3 girl before bear bear die…So pity, bear bear can’t breath ^^

For the time being, it would be a teddy bear with the height and width of 47 and 20 inches respectively. If you are still wondering how big can this teddy bear be, they will show to you…

It is only RM15 per booklet. Each booklet consists of five “1 Token” and five “2 Token” which is equivalent to RM1 and RM2 respectively. Each booklet also comes with a voting slip which is used to vote for the contestant whom you think has the best fruit carving skill. Other than that, it is also used for lucky draw.
Therefore, be sure to cast a vote so that you stand a chance to win! Another way to increase the chance of winning is definitely by purchasing more booklets and casting more votes thereafter. Then again, be sure to hold on tight to the brown booklet cover as it is the only evidence that you have for us if your lucky number is called upon.

Fun? That’s some of the roadshow that has been organized @ LCS (Leisure Commerce Square)