22.11.09 is big day and is very important for my lovely cousin, Murni. She married last Sunday @ Bedok Singapore. I went back to Singapore last Saturday after my MyC! Outing @ KL.
Quite rush to attend the wedding but lucky I can manage myself to reach there on time.

Hope you will always happy & God bless u…

The cake decoration damn nice XD

So romantic…The groom sing for his lovely bride.

My cousin father & mother aka uncle & aunty.

The crowd.

Perfomance by local singer? Hehe…all of them is my cousin relative.

Rojak anyone?

The dessert.

The food that serve to the guest.
From Top Left…Nasi Bryani, Nasi Putih & Fried Mee Hoon.
From Middle Left…Pineapple Pacri, Beef Meat & Red Chicken (spicy chicken)
From Bottom Left…Red Chicken (spicy chicken), Black Pepper Prawn, Sambal Goreng Pengantin & Motton.

Some of the dessert (kuih). I love the Peach Egg Tart.

This is what I had. Since I still full, I just had my favorite. Prawn (black pepper) & some Sambal Goreng Penganting. What I love prawn from Singapore? The huge size of course XD XD