Guys, I had told you that I get invitation from the allmalaysian bloggers project third gathering right? This is my very first gathering with allmalaysian.

I reach the registration counter which located at 1 Utama 1.45pm. You can see the blogger and non blogger who came for Star Trek.

Once you registered, you will receive the ticket and also poker card. The purpose for ticket is for the movie and also the poker card is for ice breaking session. Here are the cinema passes.

The fanatic fan of the Star Trek. Cool ^^

Ice Breaking session. During the ice breaking, I met a other bloggers, like Douglas and his partner. They both came in Star Trek costumes! The lounge was actually in the rainforest area which is open air.
The card that I receive when registered is for you to find the people with same card. My other fellow just 1 person which is non blogger but fan of star trek. You need to know your group member name, blog name or secondary school (non blogger) and where they live.

The big man of the gophers product (GPS)

The crowd.

Light refreshment that provided.

After the refreshment, we have treasure hunt which is quite tired and tough. During I “lost”, I met friendly guy, Adrian. He offer to form an alliance with me and we I think it is just a game, so why not? Not only that, luckily most of the contestants were very friendly and share the information when all of us run like crazy people.

We all reach at sharp 5pm which is if after 5pm you will disqualified
We, Fiq, Steven and I finally reached the last station on the dot. I logged in as the 2nd team and they the 3rd. All-in-all, only 5 teams arrived on time. But the organisers decided to allow extra time for the others.

Luckily, we at least made the consolation list. I got 13th place and Adrian 10th place. Only for 1-13th place will get the prize.

I got a chance to meet and chat with Red FM DJ’s JD & Dilly! I also shook their hand for a chance to win 10 Grand! It’s some sort of a contest they have on where you register at their website, shake their hands and win 10 Grand. Check it HERE

Adrian the lucky guy.

I & my housemate Steven.

This is the goodies that I get. Star Trek t-shirts, Star Trek Movie Posters (Spock and Kirk), RM100 discount vouchers for Gopher GPS & RM30 discount vouchers for GP Car Batteries with free delivery and installation!