PART3Agent 7.7 receive encrypted message on Galaxy Tab saying “This is just the beginning”. He believes that he could not able to run away from everything. He decided to go Malaysia and avoid the entire problem. He just wants to remain himself as unknown people by living as ordinary people life.

Debbie Ong knows what Agent 7.7 thinking and she also decided to spend her entire life with Agent 7.7 and remain as ordinary people with ordinary life. Without looking backward, Agent 7.7 left his Samsung GALAXY TAB 7.7 at the café and he just walk back to his home. Without wasting his time, he packing everything and went to the airport… Good bye Singapore!

Part 1
Agent 7.7 walks away from the explosion with a knowledge that it is all over. He knew that there was no way he could have solved this case without the help of the GALAXY Tab 7.7. When he tried to recall everything from the beginning, he felt that it’s just a dejavu.
However everything is done. He decided to avoid all the problem and never get involve with all the political issues and the best way for him to get a better life is by be a normal people with a normal life. A political is just remaining political. Secret are remain as a secret.

Part 2 
Newspapers headlines: “Naked body of Agent 7.7 found dead in sea. Cause of death unknown. A newspaper flipped on the table. Agent 7.7 sips his coffee and there’s a smile on his face. He knew everything is just to make up a story. Since he decided to avoid everything, he felt that this is a good move. He looks at Debbie Ong and both of them know what they should do next. Agent 7.7 decided to open a small café and just live as normal person. No fighting, no killing, no blood and what he want is just have a normal life and get married with Debbie Ong. He saw an advertisement on the paper where Creative Visual Studio offer a good pre wedding package in Singapore. Agent 7.7 shows it to Debbie Ong and both of them smiling.