It is not difficult to find any restaurant that operate by the china people. Since Chinatown is famous for the Chinese culture, you can find a lot of Chinese restaurant there. ZhongGuo Seafood Restaurant is origin from china itself.

The Menu.

Fried Dumpling @ SGD $5.00. Inside of it is Cabbage & Pork.

Noodle with Tomato Gravy @ SGD $5.00. this is my first time taste a nice vegetarian meal. Topping by egg, tomato and vegetable.

Beef Noodle @ SGD $4.50. Just ordinary. This is beef noodle soup which is don’t have a sticky sauce like the dry one. The meat tender and the sauce have a little bit wine.

Rice Noodle with Scramble Egg @ SGD 5.00. Same like Cantonese fried Kway Teow in Malaysia. Me & Rachel Ng had this rice noodle but unfortunately it’s totally tasteless. They didn’t put any salt and pepper. After we had our complain, only they cook again but the time I full ate lettuce & noodle with tomato gravy. After they change, it’s become too salty.

Pork Rib with Soya Sauce @ SGD 8.00. My clicks told me not really nice.

Pork Shreds with Chili Sauce @ SGD 10.00. My clicks told me it’s the nice pork meat. with a thick chili sauce mix well with the meat.

Hangzhou Fried Rice @ SGD 4.00. Jhon couldn’t finish it ^^ Huge portion by the way.

Lettuce with Oyster Sauce @ SGD 6.00. The vegetable not really fresh.

Chinese Tea.

Overall I will vote:
6/10 for the service. So slow even though not much people.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity of the food just so so…
5/10 for the environment. Just a ordinary chinese restaurant and a little bit dirty. The water of air-cond keep licking…

Just located nearby with a Chinatown MRT Station.
Take A exit from the MRT, and just walk straight till the main road.
Turn right and walk a little bit.
You can see the restaurant on your right.

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!