For those who realized, every month I will organized gathering for my blog reader. Last month I was organized food review at Traffic D’Light Cafe located at Bandar Utama for my lucky blog reader… is not 5 or 10 or 15 blogger but guess what? It is…

30 blogger!


Thanks to Mr. Kek a.k.a Botak Bos who sponsor my 3rd gathering *heart* and it’s turn up with 30 dishes! haha 3rd gathering = 30 blogger = 30 dishes… 4D no? ^oo^
The post delayed due to some of the technical reason.

P/S: Since I late on that day, I no mood to take picture. So, picture credit to those who came. Their blog on their picture! Thanks ^^

The good news is… They have 10% discount off total bill if customer order any of their signature dishes.

The ambiance of the place is not too bad and guess what? It’s just beside my house. Just 5 minute walk distance.

The menu.

Let’s start the day with main course first…

Milk butter prawn rice @ RM9.50
This is the most dish that I like and promise me when you guys go there, try it! It’s crispy yet juicy prawn dressed with rich & thick milk butter with chili padi. Not only the prawn is juicy but the gravy is milky too. It’s so smooth and delicious which everyone agrees that they love this dish a lot too. I would say this is a must try food if you happen to go Traffic D’Light cafe.

Kerabu sotong @ RM6.50
The only authentic taste of thai in the Traffic D’ Light Cafe. This Kerabu Calamari falls under the Fusion Wonder, a combination of Thai and Western style. It’s a little bit sour but not spicy enough. The vegetables are fresh but I don’t like the tomatoes.

Guangxi stew pork and yam with rice @ RM9.50
It’s rare in town and prepared with authentic recipe from grandmom. This Guang Xi Stew pork and yam falls under the Authentic Wonder. The recipe was traditionally inherited from grand mom’s generation and it’s rare to get it in town.

Special sauce pork rib rice @ RM8.50
It’s crispy yet juicy pork rib dressed with fusion sauce of the house. This special sauce pork rib rice was made using the combination of Eastern and Western ingredients, leaving a remarkable taste in your taste bud.

Fermented bean pork rib rice @ RM8.50
Another pork dishes that braised with traditional ingredients & method. This Fermented Bean Pork Rib is prepared using traditional ingredients and cooked in a traditional way. It’s best to consume with white rice as of the richness of the sauces.

Marmite Chicken Rice
So, it’s come to the chicken.. eat eat eat.. (obviously I can’t eat pork) is cooked under the combination of Eastern and Western way too. You can see by yourself the juiciness of the meat and the richness of gravy made me indulge in it. Second one please! coz everyone eat pork haha..

If you are a Mee Hoon lover, like a healthy style food, don’t miss out their Steam Mee Hoon. The Mee Hoon were stirred cook during the process, therefore the sweetness of fish/chicken/prawns were locked at the Mee Hoon. Imagine how nice it is? Let’s make it even worst by telling you that the tender of the chicken were so smooth and the fresh fish slices and prawns served! Yummy yummy yum!
Juicy prawns, well-marinated chicken that was cooked perfectly and matched well with the noodles. As for the fish, it could be improved by adding gingers to the dish.

Sizzling black pepper beef rice @ RM8.50
The beef is tender & juicy. The beef slice mix well in thick black pepper sauce. It’s served together with a plate of white rice. So, if you really love black pepper, you must try this because it’s rich in black pepper taste makes the beef slices taste even better when you have it while hot.

Traditional Braised Pork
You can find it under Old-Days Wonders in the menu. Unlike some other places, Traffic D’Light present a moderate combination of fats and meat that girls no need worry about diet problem.

Traditional Braised pig ear
Traditional Braised pig ear and intestine falls under Old-Days Wonder as well. As a Hokkien Lang, pork intestine is always my favorite of all pork organs. This dishes was prepared with traditional ingredients and methods.

While waiting for the dessert, we had a side dish as well… Chicken run ^oo^


Fried Chicken Wings
This chicken wings a little bit different. It’s cooked in a traditional method and gave an authentic taste to you. The taste of yellow ginger brings a slight spice on it makes it even better.

Crispy boxing chicken @ RM7.00
I tried this boxing chicken during the grand opening and 1 word I want to say… Awesome!
It’s a Thai style seasoning for chicken & coated with western method. Come with fusion dipping from eastern & western.

Now we see their choices of drinks. Nice, milky, refreshing and of course colorful!

Soda choices (pineapple mix family);
L-R: Strawberry + Pineapple, Pineapple + Lemon & Elie Curcado + Pineaple.

L-R; Kasturi, Chocolate & Cappuccino.

Traffic D’ Light smoothie (same color of the real traffic light Green, Yellow & Red);
Kiwi, Mango & Strawberry.

Dragon Fruit, Honney Passion Fruit and Plum, & Kasturi Plum.

People said that drink juice and eat vegetable will makes the doctor away? Traffic D’ Light serve both on their drinks!
Carrot and Celery, Guava and Plum, & Cucumber and Apple.

Not enough with the foods and drinks, I satisfied my stomach with the last shot from the Traffic D’Light… Dessert! What meals that not complete with out dessert?

Snow Fungus
The winner for the dessert. Snow fungus with winter melon! The dessert that I like most is the snow fungus. They boiled the fungus until really smooth and you no need to bite it to enjoy it. It tasted weird at first because it didn’t taste like either snow fungus or winter melon to me. Discovered that rock sugar was used instead hence the unique taste in this dessert.

The ABC served was not too sweet, for a cheap price and you get a bowl full of ingredient of ABC, it’s pretty much worth it man!

Snow fungus with sea coconut.
My baby doll really like to eat sea coconut. For me this dessert were more snow fungus than sea coconut. The sea coconut were in small pieces and they were boiled until so smooth but not really smooth like snow fungus. The sweetness was just perfect for me. I bet most of people cook Snow Fungus with Sea Coconut with Luo Han Guo base. Unlike other shop, Traffic D’Light actually uses some ingredient similar to it but not Luo Han Guo itself. A less sweet and authentic taste of it makes it perfect.

For me Traffic D’Light cendol is not really bad since for me most of the cendol taste is the same. They uses fresh palm sugar to make up the cendol and it just taste so so nice though I’m not cendol lover.

Blogger in action!

A group shot of the bloggers who attended but that’s not all due to some left early of the day.


Overall I will vote:
8/10 for the service. Friendly & Efficient.
8/10 for the food quality and quantity of the food. Excellent, nice and price reasonable.
7/10 for the environment. Cosy interior and comfortable.


Traffic d’light Cafe
1-10, Dataran Pelangi Utama One Avenue,
Jalan Masjid, PJU 6A,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

(Above Carrefour Express, 1st Floor)
(Near One-Utama Shopping Centre)

Tel No:
03-7729 3245



Operation Hour:
Daily from 11.30am – 12.00am

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!