My Bos returned last week from a 2 week visit back to Canada. He brought his staff this “Tokyo Banana” as omiyage (gift or souvenir). Hey gave us this. It’s a tasty packaged cake with a banana cream filling. It is something like a Banana Flavored Twinkie, twinkie-like spongecake (without a shelf life measured in the lifespan of the planet) with a piece of banana in the center. That is the Tokyo Banana. The cake is a simple yellow cake much like the normal Twinkie. The Tokyo Banana’s banana filling is where the banana taste is present. It’s a consistency of like a banana puree and tastes like it is real banana. I don’t know if it is 100% banana puree of some sort, but it definitely isn’t like a banana flavored cream in a Twinkie.

Here’s another banana-related thing. There is a very popular souvenir snack in Tokyo called Tokyo Banana. People usually buy this souvenir for their family and friends when they visit Tokyo from small towns. If you’re a tourist in Tokyo, you can try it but I will warn you and tell you that it tastes like a banana-flavored Twinkie. It’s banana cream inside a sponge cake and tastes like chemical. Twinkies are one of the grossest food ideas that anyone has ever had, but if you actually enjoy the taste of Twinkies, you might like Tokyo Banana.

People called Tokyo Bananas, and the filling is slightly brownish… like an actual banana. I’m happy they didn’t add a liter of yellow food coloring to offset this natural coloring.

Inside is banana cream and outside is sponge cake.

Rachel, Feeq & Jason…Rachel…you looks like biawak ^^

*I don’t have any idea how he can buy it since it’s from Japan.