This A & W just located behind of Seremban Parade. Actually that time I want fetch my GF go back to her house than suddenly her friend ask her to buy for her bus ticket to go back Johor since her friend scare no more ticket. So, we decide to help her friend to but the ticket @ Seremban. Once we reach there her friend say no need to buy because too expensive. WTF!!! That’s the normal price for the bus ticket from Seremban to Johor. If she not Johor people, I don’t mind leh. But, she Johor people, sure la she know how much the price. Then my GF angry liao…really waste people money & time. So, I bring her go eat A&W since she want to eat @ A&W from past few days d…Ok…lets the picture do talking…Thanks for kelvin because told me where is the A&W…

Drive thru…

The crowd.

A & W. The only one that you can get @ Seremban.

Our dinner of the day.

The chili & tomato sauce.

Root Beer…hehe…my favorite all of the time if I came to A & W.

French Fries & Curly Fries.

Curly Fries @ RM3.60. My favorite all of the time for fries @ A & W.

The packaging.

Double Mozza Burger @ RM7.50. The huge burger among other in A & W.

Grilled Chicken Burger @ RM5.20. Too simple & small for me…


Want to know more about her??? wait for other post…