Just located beside Auntie Jenny, the new restaurant based on Korea theme has arrive at desa melati. We have 2 Korea restaurant here but this is better than my previous visit at Little Seoul. I really high recommended their beef rice and will come again. anybody wanna bring me along? ^^

The dining area.

I want that cloth ^^

Lenglui prepare your side dish XD

The Menu.

It is my job to find more new restaurant. I went to photocopy my stuff and saw this restaurant and I told my friend that one day we must try. Now, we waiting the food ^^

Free flow Tea.

8 variety of Side dish that you can choose. I really like the tofu and something like squid things. Forget name. They gave us 8 side dish if want compare with Little Seoul which is just 3 side dish. But the environment, Little Seoul better.

Bulgogi Deop Bhab @ RM14. Korean style barbecued beef with rice. I really recommended you guys eat this because it is very nice and the portion also quite huge. The meet render and have a little bit soya sauce.

Seaweed soup came together with the beef rice.

Rameon @ RM10. Korean & Japanese style ramen.

Den Jang Chi Gye complimentary from the restaurant. Actually it is cost RM13 but, the gave us free ^^ It is just soup with seafood such as real crab, oyster, tofu and some vegetables.

Pa Jeon @ RM13. Traditional Korean pancake with vegetables & seafood such as crab meet stick & squid. Honestly that the pancake quite thick but a little bit oily.

The complimentary dessert. Free again ^^


Kah Wai & Edmund.

Overall I will vote:

7/10 for the service. Efficient & Friendly but the waitress can’t speak English well.

8/10 for the food quality and quantity of the food excellent.

6/10 for the environment. Just ordinary restaurant.



Just located beside the Aunty Jenny Theater Cafe.