Penang Swatow Lane New World Park or fondly called as ‘Sin Sei Kai’ by the local was once a happening place where Penang folks came by to unwind in the evening. Located beside the Tune Hotel, It make the way to New world park is easier as much as possible.
It used to be the ground for two cinemas namely Globe and Lido. Paying about 65 cents to a dollar, one could enjoy the latest movie in a decent cinema. Within same vicinity, there was a sheltered opera hall equipped with wooden benches for elderly folks to enjoy the Chinese opera.

Some of the restaurant that available at new world park…

Ipoh Old Town White Coffee.

Starbuks Coffee.

Rou Gu Cha King.

Nyonya Cafe.

Starview Restaurant.

BBQ Chicken Restaurant.

Passions of Kerala.

My 2nd breakfast of the day. Actually not mine la…just my friend one…share lor…

Iced Vanilla Latte + vanilla Syrup @ RM13.30. I’m not fan of starbucks…coz too expensive…so so also…

Breakfast Strawberry Doughnut @ RM2.50. the dough smooth and the strawberry jam not too sweet since they pour sugar on the top.

On that day, Starbuks gave us 2 up of coffee. They told us that that is the new flavor and they wanna us to try. It’s kinda suck…too bitter…btw, thx ya…hehe..
What else we wanna do? Sit and surf net lor…I use broadband coz Starbucks internet connection damn slow…

If you visit New World Park today, only the historical wall of its park is retained. The place is re-branded as one-stop to get Penang cuisine ranging from hawker food to a relatively classy cafe like Starbucks or an upscale restaurant like Starview. And once again, it seems New World Park becomes the place to hang out once more!

This stall has been around since 1930’s and now run by Lee Eng Huat and his brother. The third – generation Ais Kacang seller have been trading in Swatow lane for 33 years.

Iced Kacang Speial 4 in 1 @ RM3.80. The mountain of shaved ice is liberally doused with sweet syrups and condensed milk, crowned with goodies like grass jelly (leong fun), sweet corn, red beans and attap chee (palm fruit) This ABC, the ice kacang or ais kacang contained 4 type of fruits (mango, banana, papaya and kiwi) and topped by the scooped of vanilla ice cream. The portion not really small and what else you can say having a shaving ice…afternoon some more…hehe…

Iced kacang Mango @ RM3.00. The Iced kacang same with 4 in 1 but only the differenes is they put 1 type of fruit only. It’s mango.

Fruits Rojak @ RM5.00. Located @ the same stall with Ied Kacang which is this old uncle has sold rojak for more than 20 years. Actually this rojak also onsider the famous one if wanna compare with other rojak in penang. Before this, he well known as rojak hawker stall @ jalan swatow.

Kuih Bah Chang @ RM5.00.

Otak-otak ikan @ RM2.00 per pcs. The otak-otak that homemade is made from fresh fish. This stall also from the hawker stall that located @ jalan swatow. Once the new world park open, this stall has move from the hawker to the food court style but still keep the originality.

Or Koay (Yam Cake) @ RM2.00. Just ordinary. Among the best food to try is Ice Kacang, located at the central wing of New World Park food court. The rice dumpling, yam cake and red bean soup stall was originally operating at Swatow Lane corner coffee shop. Same goes to some of the stalls but there are also new operator like the Japanese food.

Chai Koay @ RM0.70 per pcs. They have 2 ingredient which is I prefer the green one.

New World Park
Swatow Lane, off Burma Road,
Goerge Town, Penang, Malaysia

Business hours: Open daily (10am – 9pm)

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!