This is part 2 of New Lane. Part 1 Click HERE. If you ar lokking for a original hawker food, this is the right place since most of them was start their business for past 20-40- years.

Apom Telur @ RM2.00 (5 pcs). The apom was crispy and make sure u have it while hot to avoid it from soggy.

Tong Yuen in osmanthus flower soup @ RM3.00. Ton Yuen is chinese dessert which is made from rice flour and inside got peanut. Serve while hot is the best way for you to enjoy it. This one osmanthus flower soup version.

Tong Yuen in soya bean @ RM3.00. This one is soya bean version.

Konyakku Jelly @ RM1.70. Not too sweet and came with the fruits. Pineapple and peach make a jelly perfect.

Sotong (squid)

Jelly Fish.

Sotong (squid) kangkung + Jelly Fish @ RM8.00. Actually this one is not the famous one in Penang. Since me & my friend finding a sotong kangkung since I’m reach penang, I just have a try a sotong kangkung @ New Lane. Worth to try. Not bad. The sauce was sticky, squid and jelly fish are fresh.

Watermelon Juice @ RM2.50.

Duck Meat Kway Teow Th’ng @ RM3.50. The Kway Teow so soft and the potion damn huge. It’s also come out with 4 pcs of homemade fish ball. The duck meet tender.

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!