One of the famous spot that you can get a variety choice of hawker food in Malacca is Jongker Walk. Most of the hawker stall was start their business there for past a few years. Normally @ Jongker Walk people who buy souvenir and also those who hunting the food lolx. Jongker Walk is located at heart of Malacca and most of the stall is owner by Chinese people.

Fruit Candy Stick Rm2.00. This girl who helped her mother to sell the candy. Look on her age…Looks like experienced…The peanut who knocked and mix with the candy.

Fried Oyster (Oh Chien) The oyster damn small. They put too much flour & egg. That’s mean you eat egg + flour. Only a few pieces of oyster. RM5.00.
RM1.00. Not sure what this drink. Have a ginger taste a bit. Sweet potato mix with Yam… I don’t like it but kena force leh with her…
Char Kuey Teow @ RM3.50. Not really nice & too oily. Prawn small and not roo spicy.

Radish Cake (Kuih Lobak)

This place located at the end of jonker street that you can get a variety of hawker food.

Ice Cream Stick RM2.00 per stick. Dumpling + Dim Sum. Lok Lok hawker style.

Hainan @ RM2.00. This is the best among the other hawker stall that located @ jongker walk. I told my GF that I want eat this snack. That time I don’t know chisnes name. Normally I call it “Tahi hidung” Since it’s white color and sticky.
Cendol Durian @ RM2.70. Located @ 88 Cendul Stall. The best cendul stall. Bubble Tea @ RM2.50. I choose banana white coffee. have a bitter & sweetness of banana taste. Grilled Squid.

Fried Egg Ice Cream @ RM2.00. The ice cream is yam. My GF favourite.

Some of the souvernier that you can get from Jongker Walk. You must bargain the price to get it cheap. If you are lucky, during weekend there will have street perfomance.
For your info, Jongker Walk only available during Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Other restaurant such as 88 Cendul Restaurant & Afamosa Chicken Rice Ball open during weekdays.P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!