I receive a invitation to have a lunch @ Flamme Restaurant of Nilai University College. The lunch actually for the contribution as aspiring supermodels & photographer they clearly remember that they promised a lunch treat @ Flamme. Mathew was invite me to attend a lunch on last tuesday & since I went to medical check up @ Nilai, so I drop a while.

Our table.

The crowd.

The menu.

As a appetizer, we had a Waldorf Salad. It’s mix vegetable and fruit such as celery. Quite plain by the way.

As soup of the day, we had a bowl of Spicy Pumpkin Soup served with soft roll. The pumpkin soup quite nice and not too spicy.

Since actually they have a choices of main course which is Blackened Fish & Roasted Lamb, I really would like to try their lamb. Unfortunately, finish liao T_T… So, I had a Blackened Fish served with Spicy Orange Sauce Accompanied with Hoppin John and chef selected vegetable. The skin was crispy and the meat just well done.

As a dessert, I had Chocolate Basket served with a Vanilla Ice-Cream topped with Almond Nips. Just a scoop of vanilla ice cream that put on top of dry layer ice cream.

Bala is the head…Mathew & Me is Photographer…Nas, Kent & Sasat is Model…

*There have other people who can’t manage to join us on that day such as Tebu, Izzah & Johnathan.