The first makan place that we all went at Malacca is Hoe Kee Chicken rice Ball.
Actually we planning to go Chung Wah Coffee Shop but, since there’s too pack we decided to try Hoe Kee. This is my 1st time went there.

When we talked about Chinese food at Malacca, people will think about chicken rice ball. Chicken rice balls is one of Malacca signature which is nothing but Hainan Chicken Rice Balls that make into ping pong shape.

From what I know, this stall is one of two prominent chicken rice shops at the corner of the touristy “antique street” area. Madam Tan Hin Lee and her brother took the business over from their parents and claims that they were the first to set up chicken rice business in the area over 40years ago.

The queue too long!
The guys queue on the line and the girls queue opposite of the restaurant =.=”

Some of random photo.

The Hoe Kee Chicken Rice Ball Restaurant cosy interior.

This is where the chicken rice, vegetable & asam fish are prepared.

For past few years, Malacca still famous with their chicken rice balls. I do not understand why it’s still famous even though it’s just ordinary chicken rice. unless a lot people like to play ball XDXDXD. The rice balls cost RM3 for 12.

Sometimes, when they too busy they not serve the rice in ball shapes. This is stated on a notice by the door which serves as due warning! Do not worry, they still try to serve you the “ball” which is they mix it rice ball & loose chicken rice.

We ordered Half of Chicken @ RM 16 and guess what we get?
A very smooth and tender meat + it’s really tasty, there were also plenty of chicken gizzards and liver which provided a different flavor to the chicken that goes very well with a light soya sauce.

The Asam Fish @ RM 30. I’m not a fan of asam food. not much to comment about it but so far, it’s pretty well and the meat was so nice.

Thailand Coconut @ RM4.00.
How refreshing it is drink cold coconut during hot sun?

This kid so funny keep complaining to his mother that he damn hungry ^^

From Top Left… Me, Christine & Vivienne.
From Middle Left… Ellyse & her Sister.
From Bottom Left… MJ, Zoe, Eiko, Steph & Kingston.

Overall I will vote:
8/10 for the service. Efficient & friendly.
8/10 for the food quality and quantity of the food excellent. Price reasonable.
7/10 for the environment. Cosy interior and clean.


Hoe Kee Chicken Rice
4, 6, 8 Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200, Melaka

Tel No:
06-283 4751
012-623 8431Align Center
Operation Hour:
8am to 5pm
Off Day : Wednesday 4th week every month

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!