Last few weeks, I had a farewell party for one of my clicks who will go to Singapore for a better future XP Who? He is MJ… Not late Michael Jackson but something June June… Ming June kua ^^” Yeah, he is the 1st person who fetch me from the office to the makan place on my 1st day of internship at MyC. The farewell party supposed to be at Gardens 1Utama but it’s changed to Jaya One since everyone was there. So, we went up to blue bar near with the office.

Chulo in Mexican slang refers to someone who is cute, hot or good looking. It’s that refer to MJ? (o^^)o If you see from outside, this restaurant and bar is 3 stories high. Once you step in into the Chulo, everything turn out into blue atmosphere.

Café Chulo is a Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar. It has a very nice ambiance and is a remarkable place to chill with few friends, catch up and relax while enjoying a beer or drink! This place is good if you are looking for a place to hold a gathering. The music is not too noisy and you won’t need to yell your message across when you want to talk to a friend.

Chulo is a Spanish-inspired bar where the interior looks more modern, illuminated by cool gauzy blue lights, and the place is lined with sofas comfortable enough to recline and enjoy drinks with friends.

If you ask me about dine at Jaya One, I personally love it since you no need worry about the parking and the best part, there serve a lot of western cuisine like Spanish, French, American etc under one roof. Now I realized why my internship salary not enough every month.

Fettucini Cream Sauce @ RM18.00
Fettucini cooked with beef bacon in white wine cream sauce. I had this one since Carbonara is my favourite and it’s still can’t beat my favourite carbonara restaurant all the time HERE. The carbonara not too creamy I believe that they mix with the white wine due to the smell and taste. The beef bacon was quite good and it’s quite a lot too.

Chulo’s Vegetable Pizza @ RM13.00
Chulo’s vegetable pizza. If you want something that light but full, vegetable pizza is the best choice. The taste not like you put the vegetable on the top of bread but it’s quite tasty too. It’s consider healthy food for me since they use the olive oil. The pizza was crispy and it’s really worth to try it.

Marcoroni Cheese @ RM18.00
Pork with marcoroni in tomato sauce. They use the minced pork and cook it well with the tomatoes and marcoroni into the perfection.

Chullo’s Chicken Chop @ RM20.00
Grilled boneless chicken leg served with fries and sauteed vegetable choice of mushroom sauce. The gravy a little bit watery and I hope they put a little bit more salt. The chicken meat was tender and the portion quite huge.

Paella @ RM38.00 (big)
Choice of seafood, chicken, pork or lamb and rice cooked traditionally and baked into perfection. I need something that can make my cute stomach full and Paella is the best choice ever. It’s more like fried rice and the best part is they straight serve the fried by using the frying pan that they use in the kitchen.

Fettucini Cream Sauce @ RM18.00
Fettucini cooked with chicken in white wine cream sauce. If you ask me to choose between beef bacon and chicken, go to beef bacon.

Barbaque Pork Ribs @ RM30.00
Specially marinated with Chulo’s Spanish sauce & barbaqued to perfection served with golden fries and salad. It’s looks huge and juicy!

Blue Lagoon @ RM18
I don’t see any blue colour other than table cloth =.=”
The outlet has a variety of hard liquor, beers, cocktails, mocktails and more.

Everyone looks cute ^^

Group photo with my stress family *heart*
Will see you guys later at office (o^^)o

Overall I will vote:
7/10 for the service. Efficient but their English quite sad.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity. Another good place to have Spanish meal.
8/10 for the environment. Cosy interior, clean and comfortable.


Café Chulo Spanish Restaurant & Tapas Bar
Blk L, Unit 20-1,
No. 72A Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya.

Tel No:
+603-7956 2277

+03-795 44277

Operation Hour:
Daily from 5.00pm – 1.00am

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!