Cadbury Bytes was launched in 2004-05 as Cadbury’s foray into the rapidly growing packaged snack market.

Cadbury Bytes is a one of a kind snack, in that it is sweet and not salty, as compared to most of the other snacks. It’s a bite sized snack with a crunchy wafer and rich Choco cream filling. There are three variants of Bytes available in the market.

Cadbury Bytes is targeted at teens as they are the largest consuming segment of packaged snack category. They are also the gateway to the family, especially for a new sweet snack.

With Bytes, Cadbury has entered into a new category with well entrenched and established brands. It is an exciting challenge for them to take the brand forward and make it a stupendous success.

Cadbury Bytes is positioned as the ‘only sweet snack’ in the world of salty snacks. The proposition that they have arrived at where they take a pot-shot at other snacks. The product is all about breaking a cliché and teenagers identify with breaking stereotypes.

Crunchy outside and sweet inside.

The sweetness of chocolate can loss if you can’t enjoy it and feel it. Realize it before too late. Miss her so much…her voice, her hug & her love…