I had my dinner @ Belanga Cafe before I went to watch premiere movie “The Orphan” at GSC. Since my friend mahu makan nasi, jadi kenalah cari restaurant yang ada jual nasi…So, we drop by to Belanga Cafe to try since the environment quite nice.

The dinning area…

Some of the decoration that open for sale.

Sirap selasih @ RM2.90. Just ordinary Red Syrup that they mix with the selasih.

Banana Chocolate Milk Shake @ RM6.90. Not really nice and it is tasteless.

Laksam @ 7.90. We just had 1 bowl. Share… The sauce made by fish stock and they have “daun ketum” Not really spicy and “must try” dishes if you come to here.

Nasi Dagang with Ayam Rendang (chicken) @ 11.90. The portion is too small for me and the chicken was nice but not great. I still prefer the nasi dagang that I ate with my family when I went to Kelantan or Terengganu last time.

Nasi Kerabu with Grill Tenderloin Beef @ 11.90. The meat tender but salty. The portion still small for me XD

Overall I will vote:
7/10 for the service. Quite slow especially when preparing the food.
7/10 for the food quality and quantity of the food just so so.
9/10 for the environment. Cosy interior.


Belanga Cafe,
Lot No. LG 230B,
The Gardens Mid Valley City,
Medan Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur.

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!