Last week, I have an opportunity to attend The Eagle premiere screening courtesy of Advertlets and Nusantara Edaran Filem. Went there with Haikal the new editor of Tazette Magazine.

Somehow I felt that this is my first time watch the movie that do not have women as main actress.


The Eagle, set during the Roman campaign in Briton depicts the events after the disappearance of the Ninth Legion. Marcus Flavius Aquilla (Channing Tatum) whose father was the ill fated commander of the legion, makes it his mission to retrieve the standard eagle that symbolizes the honour of Rome in hopes of restoring his family’s name. In order to retrieve the eagle, he must venture up north into enemy territory and so, he brings along slave Esca (Jamie Bell), a native whose entire family was killed by Romans.

The film benefits from great directing as Kevin McDonald (Last King of Scotland) brings in a sense of epicness with his grasp on the amazing landscape as well as adding depth into each scene providing the film with ample solid action. However, you can’t help but notice it’s all been tried and done before. The acting leaves much to be desired with Channing Tatum being uninspiring and adding little life or emotion into his character. One dimensional acting at its best. There was an extreme lack of chemistry between the two leads which drops the film a notch. Jamie Bell tried, and that’s all I can say. At the end of the day, The Eagle is just a decent popcorn flick and that’s what it is, a decent popcorn flick.

– by Haikal