New Lane (Lorong Baru) is one of the best places in town to get a feel for Penang’s gastronomic offerings. With about 40-odd stalls operating on both side of the lane, the choices are seemingly endless – from noodles to satay, freshly-made apom balik to piping hot kuih dadar. Take a walk around the stalls before making that difficult choices what to eat.

Lorong Baru (New Lane) is the famous hawker stall street that you can find a variety choices of food. New Lane, off Macalister Road have two rows of hawker stall and coffee shops. Normally the hawkers start run their business around 6pm and open till late night. You can sit in the comforts of coffeeshop or dine like Penangites do. By the drain, next to the busy road. However, you need to fight for your seats! There have a lot of stalls, some of them are redundant. Char koay teow, satay, popiah, bbq chicken wings, fried oysters.. there’s more than 1 stall selling them.

Barbecued chicken wings @ RM1.80 per pcs. The meet was tender and the honey smell quite strong.

Seafood Char Koay Kak @ RM4.00. It is a teochew street food, which is a rice cake fried with thick black soy sauce with eggs, bean sprouts, chye-por. Too oily and not really nice.

Chicken Satay @ RM0.60 per pcs. The gravy has a rendang taste. The meet was tender and juicy. Worth to try.

Apom @ RM2.00 for 5 pcs. What make the apom interesting is when they put a slice of banana inside of it. The sweetness of banana absorb by the flour and make the apom in perfection. Eat while hot and it will better with a cup of tea.

P.S.: This is based on individual’s taste and liking and if there’s any other further questions about this restaurant or the food, feel free to drop a comment. Thanks!