As a photographer and video producer, I must have zero mistake. Especially when dealing with customer data such as footage. Sometime, unpredictable incident happened, but I have been working in this industry for more than 5 years and mistake is not an excuse. There has reason why I choose WD as my hard disk since I only trust the best.
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Some people think the price of WD is expensive compare than other until you realize the price that you have to pay when you lose client data and trust.
It was a sleepless night for the past few days. Ngantuk gila. Tadi drive kereta satu pun dah nampak jadi dua. Rasa nak balik terus tido but procedure is procedure. They said work as photographer & video producer is easy they said.
I have to transfer all the footage & data to my portable “dumping station” before I can call it a day. Iā€™m afraid if something happened to my memory card.
Since I have so many footage & crew per project, it’s important to put every data and footage in “dumping station”. Usually we will transfer the footage and data to “Hot storage” for editing process and after everything completes, then only we will keep it in “Cold Storage”. So who said is just a copy and paste data? Thank god, WD has the reliable hard drive.
I make my WD My Ultra Passport (3TB) as my portable dumping station because it’s portable and have bigger capacity. 
I own a studio, CVS Production in Cheras (we do offer studio rental too) but sometime I prefer to do my work at the cafe. What else could be better other than a cup of ice cappuccino while working?
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Since we are always on standby, sometimes we even transfer the data and footage during our dinner time. We try to make it convenient and we prefer to directly go back home rather than a studio.
I’m tired of using bulky hard disk. It’s time to go for something portable and can be trusted.
Unboxing WD My Passport Ultra 3TB – Premium storage portable hard drive : HERE!
Unboxing WD Elements – Portable Hard Drives WD Elements : HERE!
It’s is going to be a long day today. Cleanup and rearrange some of the footage & data. What if… these data corrupted?