I just watched Dream High drama series. It is a one of the latest Korean drama that receive very high ranting not only in Seoul but also nationwide. It is about six students who are study in Kirin Art High School that tried very hard to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. Honestly, I am not really a die-hard K-Pop fan. However, this drama is really interesting. The reason why I love to watch this series, it is not only because of the plot, songs and the cast but the most important thing is about the message that they try to deliver.

I learnt that, it is not easy for you to achieve your dream. In order to achieve your dream, you need to work hard on it. The path is never be as easy as we thought. You need to face a lot of obstacle and never give up. Remember, in this life there’s always have a lot of people who will support you and at the same time there’s other people who will make you fall too. Based on the movie, it is show that they need to face a lot of challenge in order to achieve their dream. When the entire school try to make them lose on their track, they still work hard in order to success and to prove that they can do it.

I learnt that people keep asking and looking for a tips and technique to success. For me, it is too subjective and depending on the situation. Different people have different way. Instead of looking around and find the way how to success, I was busy working on it.

I always believe with 5 things in order to success.
1: Work hard.
2: Push until the limitation.
3: Never give up.
4: Never believe in luck.
5: GOD.

Oh ya.. you might want to watch this also.

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