First of all I would like to thanks to Donavan for the exclusive invite to the DKNY fashion show. With the theme “Fashion meets Music” the fashion show turn out great. This is the best ever fashion show that I attend so far.

The exclusive event with awesome people and great designer make me feel that “hey.. this is the time where I should look great too” I am really sorry for the photo that not really turn out nice where I was been informed that I cannot bring the DSLR in the party.

Thanks to Samsung and Botakai for save my life with Samsung SP100.
Check Botakai blog for the review of Samsung SP100

Can you see how grand the event it is?

New York Art and Soul.
If you wonder how the New York fashion looks like, this is only some of it. I believe it is more than that. When talk about New York, it is well known as the city of fashion. Each piece adapts to your individuality.

“Like The New York Cityscape, Great Style Is A Work Of Art”

For those who do not know, DKNY is stand for Donna Karan New York.
Yes, she is the one who make sure DKNY outfit look awesome.

The fashion started with kids fashion show. Apart from the nice and comfortable outfit for kids, the kids itself look cute with the DKNY latest collection.

During the fashion show, their shoes is the one that manage to attract my attention. The shoes is damn nice and even Walauwei agree with me. The boot that they wore really awesome. I will drop by DKNY outlet to have a look before I decide to purchase my new shoes at Aldo or DKNY.

DKNY men fall 2010 where rugged modern really nice and worth to buy. The cloth are built different which is it innovative fabrics and inventive construction. For those who active, there have a sports element on their outfit and it will make the men easy to live in fabrics redefine.

Free flow of Champagne and soft drinks! Yes! The one that look like Starbuck coffee actually is soft drink.

Blogger on the floor!









Party kick off by DJ Joey G.

Vodka party yo!