For those who support us today at MOFEW 2010, I would like to thanks all of you. I just back from MOFEW 2010 and everything goes well! Go around for the whole day with the “light” camera gear really make me miss my bed at home ^^”

I will be at MOFEW 2010 for the whole day tomorrow and for those who free, drop by at Midvalley an say hi to me ya.

Itinerary: HERE!

Some people asked me why I didn’t put my name card in my the name card holder to protect my name card. Actually I ask my friend bought one before. Since I not really like it, I plan to do by my own which is only cost me at RM0.60. Rather then I bought it from the shop which is can easily cost me at RM10. Of course the RM10 name card holder quality is better then my DIY name card holder.

Yes! I purposely choose red color since I like red color + my name card also red color.

Can put 16 name card!

It’s so slim!

Still remember my previous post about my new name card? Nope? Click HERE!
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I just want to know how many people like my name card ^^