Does this kind of sign are interesting? Well, you can see some of it in a wedding ceremony where usually they put for the photobooth. Running a wedding photography and videography company, we always receive a lot of inquiries for the photobooth. So, we wanted to create something different for each of our clients. 
This is an example of the very simple photobooth that prepared by PhotoVideoKahwin. So, if you want a photobooth for your wedding, you may want contact PhotoVideoKahwin because they are giving out a free photobooth for those who hire them as a wedding photographer / videographer. Just let them know this code: FeeqsaysPhotobooth.
However if you prefer to DIY your own chalkboard frame, continue read this blogpost.

Gather simple supplies. For this method you’ll need a chalkboard sticker (you can purchase from us or from any art shop), photo frame (we provide a customize frame border and size) ruler, blade, cutting board, and a squeegee or credit card.

Just in case if you need any photo frame, you may want contact me or drop by Creative Visual Studio and choose your own design as low as RM50/pcs or WhatsApp me now! (0166664034)
Top left : Paste the chalkboard sticker on the frame board.
Top right : Squeegee the other side on as you did the first side. From the center out to reduce air bubbles.
Bottom left : After the installation.
Bottom right : Before the installation.
The final product.
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