Last Monday, I was in Indonesia for some shooting and one of my colleague show me one video. Since I do not have a proper internet connection, I just bookmarked the url. Yesterday I was in Singapore, some of my colleague show me the same video too. When it comes to politic, I do not want to talk much about it especially when it comes to blogging. 
I will let my readers be the judges.
“Bangkang Dari Longkang
This dark comedy was created by a bunch of Malaysians to laugh at a bunch of Malaysians. It touches on many topics from day to day situations to even politics. If you feel this video was intended for you, jangan terasa beb!”
I just felt that it’s kinda bias. What I meant is, if you are talking about “It touches on many topics from day to day situations to even politics.” you should not to be bias. Watch the video and you will understand.

Season 1:

Some of the video are private video. Based on my social media experience, my opinion is about the feedback. I manage to screen shot some of the video from the season 1. Too much dislike compare than like. 
Season 2:
Below are screenshot from the season 2. If I would compare the season 1 and season 2, it’s slightly straight forward message and you obviously can know which opposition that they talking about such as through their color outfit.

This is just my opinion.