After reading my dai ka je blog post about her Curves in Blogging, I decided to come out with my own too. I will divide it into few parts. Recently a lot of people has asking me why I neglecting my blog etc. A lot of assumption and rumours came out from different type of people. For me, I do not care what people want talk about me. Never and ever anymore! Because at the end the benefit also is belongs to me. The more people hate you is a challenge and it will make you stronger. Life is like tyre, sometime you will be on top and sometime you will be on bottom. We always have a choice to choose. You can use a break to stop it. So, you can choose to be on top or bottom.

Let me share with you guys how I start to involve in blogging world. I started my blog as a food blogger and my blog is under blogspot. My previous blogspot known as 😉 The reason I choose meaningfool because I love to talk crap. For those who know me, previously I am fat. Really fat… I start my blogging life as a food blogger where I go around, enjoying the food. Not to mention that I went for holiday all the way to Penang and Singapore etc just for the sake of the food.

I start organizing a food review for a bloggers and involving in some events too. I never ever think to be “FEEQ”.. I mean who I am right now. What I know is I want enjoying different type of food and share with my readers. One day, I felt that I prefer eating instead of writing. I never think of to be famous or even earn some income from my blog. I always read about how other people get invitation to a food review and I always asked myself why I do not receive any? I believe that I do not yet have a quality and I my time will come… one day…

How transform into

For me, everyone has their own way start their blog. This is how I start my blogging journey. How about you? Share with me how you start your blogging life.