Back in December, I was invited by Lim Kok Wing to attend one of their awesome runway. Creativity in Motion” brings shopping to a standstill at the Pavilion.

For almost two hours the Café Stelle at the Pavilion came to a standstill when 34 aspiring student models from the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology stunned Christmas shoppers with their trendsetting fashion show.

Now into its fourth season, ‘Creativity in Motion’, is a bi-annual event planned, hosted and executed by students from the Limkokwing International Lifestyle Design Academy.

Limkokwing students from 15 countries worked long hours to make the final installment of the year come alive with a catwalk of outrageous creations and designs tempered with professional showmanship.

Graduating students Designers taking a bow: (L –R) Vivi Cuang, Michelle Ho, Liew Ching, JasmineTing , Shanar Shahramnia & Misa Lini Radhakrishnan.

Aptly themed – A Cultural Phenomenon – the fashion extravaganza took the audience and onlookers by storm when gorgeous-looking models took over the runway showing off well over 60 exquisitely designed outfits that clearly demonstrated their creative flair.

And for the first time ever, this year’s fashion show also featured a collection of sensational menswear that went well with the fashion-conscious audience that included supermodel Amber Chia and Gillian Hung, President of the Malaysian Official Designers’ Association Gillian Hung.

Stars in the making
‘Creativity in Motion’ allows students from the fashion and design faculties to demonstrate their skills through industry hands-on learning, an integral part of Limkokwing’s teaching methodology that has produced excellent results over the decades.

The evening’s fashion do was split into two parts; the first showcased 36 garments by Limkokwing students from semesters 3 through 5, while the second installment was a brilliant display by the Graduating Class of 2010 featuring interesting ideas drawn from the Chinese Opera to Brazilian tribal elements and timeless Japanese Origami creations.

Can you see the runway?

Special guest Amber Chia, International Model and Founder of Amberchia Creations, was equally upbeat, “This fashion show has painted a good picture that every country has different tastes and culture, the designs were dazzling and sassy. I would love to wear some of the designs”.

Limkokwing Fashion design student out do themselves in this year’s Creativity in Motion.

Silk makes waves in this year’s fashion show.

Ms. Sudan tourism striking a pose.

Black and white still takes the industry by storm.

Yumcha session at Wong Kok Pavilion with bloggers.