SS15 is also well known as food heaven for Subang / Sunway residents. Not to mention Taylor’s and Inti students are one of the main reason why there’s plenty of cafe/restaurant. However, some of the cafe is overrated due to demand and supply. Soon there will have the new LRT/MRT station. So, it is going to be easy-access to people who hate parking problems like me.
Cafe Latte is one of their signature.
There’s few burger joints in SS15. One of the must-visit-burger-joints in SS15 is The Crazy Bites. Well, if you are looking for nice food that comes with an affordable price and plenty big space, The Crazy Bites are the answer.
Do you want me to elaborate more regarding their interior? I think let the photo do the talking. What else you are looking for other than colorful yet full with their pink mascot named Kirikuru to bring up the cheerful vibe.
The second floor is the indoor seating area. The second floor seating is divided by two area. Open air and air conditioned. 
One thing I like about the interior is their color. Well, I think the kids going to love it.

The Crazy Bites
A13, Jalan SS15/4D,
47500 Subang Jaya.

Business Hours: 12pm – 12am Daily
Contact Number: 03-5879 8102

The Crazy Bites mascot – Kirikuru!

They are using Halal ingredient from Halal supplier.

Mushroom on a toast RM12.80
Something good for your started. Simple yet tasty.
Please take note:
  • Upgrade your pasta to a set by adding RM5 to get a mocktail drink!
  • Add RM3 for a side of sweet potato fries & soft drinks
Johan’s Nasi Lemak RM13.80
If you are looking for something ordinary yet tasty, I would recommend their Nasi Lemak. Basically, it’s a Malaysia local cuisine that comes with pandan infused rice, fried chicken, hard boiled eggs, sambal, anchovies, peanuts & sliced cucumber. What is the star of the dish? Their homemade sambal.
Jacket Potato RM13.80
Baked potato loaded with cheese & marinara sauce. Get ready for the fart hahaha
Calamari Ring RM13.80
Deep-fried calamari rings served with a side of green. They could improve their coating.
Goat Bites (Lamb) RM16.80
For those who know me, I’m a huge fan of lamb. Well, the first thing that I was searching in their menu is their lamb burger. This thick lamb patty accompanied by deep-fried onion rings, lettuce & cheese. Not to mention, this is their signature burgers.
Honolulu Ox Bites (Beef) RM13.80
Other than lamb, I’m also a fan of beef. If you are looking for something simple yet tasty, you may want to consider Ox Bites for a very beefy meal.
Apple Mushroom Bites – RM13.80
If you are vegetarian, don’t worry. They have vegetarian Apple Mushroom Bites. For me, this is kinda unique. Imagine the combination of crunchy slice of apple with mushrooms. What else you looking for?

I’d always been a fan of sweet potatoes. If you think this potato you want to skip the potato, you may regret. We ask for additional potato. What makes it interesting yet tasty? They combine the purple and orange sweet potatoes and mix with some sugar. It’s freaking good. I don’t mind to come back again just for the potato.

Lamb Kofta Pasta RM16.80
Let’s talk about the pasta shall we? As I mentioned earlier, I’m a huge fan of lamb. If you are looking for a pasta, you may want consider their Lamb Kofta. It’s perfectly grilled minced lamb patty. What makes it interesting? Of course topped with melted cheese!

Seafood Aglio Olio RM15.80
Other than that, you may want to try out  their Aglio Olio. One of my favorite menus in the kitchen for my diet. I always cook Aglio Olio and usually I just add in chicken or Salmon for my protein intake. Their Aglio Olio comes with prawns, squids and mussels

Bon appetite.

I’m not a fan of pizza, but if you are looking for something light yet satisfied your hunger, there have plenty selection of pizza. This is my top 3 choices. The pizza comes with a basic thin crust and oblong shape instead of the usual circular pizza. Each of the Pizza comes with a basic topping and sauce end with cheesy cheese.

Crazy Hawaiian Chicken Pizza – RM14.80
Crazy Seafood Pizza RM14.80

Crazy Mushroom Pizza – RM12.80

Crazy Hawaiian Chicken Pizza – RM14.80

Crazy Seafood Pizza RM14.80

Crazy Mushroom Pizza RM12.80

Mango Milkshake – RM13.80
If you want something sweet to end your meal, I strongly suggest this Mango Milkshake. Two words. Sweet & Creamy.