When it comes to food photography, a lot of people have misconception about how the photographer prepares the food and turn it digital. Some photographers really put a lot of effort in editing in order to make the food look great. As for me, I have my own principle. I prefer to play with the food from A-Z. From kitchen to computer. Meaning that I will start from basic in order to avoid too much editing and to show the public as real as possible how the foods look like. Well, as a customer myself, I do not want to drop by a restaurant and be disappointed because the actual product is totally different from the pictures or display.
I’m glad that whenever I do a commercial food photography, most of my client, manager or even the chef trust my artwork. From preparing the food to turning it into a photograph. I’m glad that I’m able to play around with the food ♥
Some people even asked me about the dirty tricks of food photographers. I have been shooting a lot of commercial food photography and I have played a lot of tricks in order to make my food photography turn out good. However, this time I’m trying to use actual ingredient instead of add on additional stuff to make the photo much better. I did not add on additional stuff during Crayon Burger food photoshooting and all the food are safe to be eaten. I just play around with the food preparation. Usually when I do commercial food photography, the food is totally inedible.

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Discussing with one of Crayon Burger staff how usually they prepare the burgers is really important because we do not want let the customer have misleading information or ideas about the burgers. Can you imagine the pictures showing two beef patties but they only serve you one beef patty?
I was a Hotel Management student and I have fallen in love with food preparation since then. When I got involved in photography and advertising line, I used to think I wasted my diploma. However, it actually helped in my current work since I am dealing with Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes. From photography to advertising, and now I’m polishing my food styling skill. Education is not a destination but it’s a journey.
I’m very particular about the details when it comes to shooting. Of course you can photoshop it but I prefer to do manual way so that I can edit less.
#FoodPhtoographyTips: Choose the right bun as in the shape and cut it properly. It is really important because bun will be the main base for burgers. If you do not cut it straight or properly, you will have some problem when you put the ingredients.
Since the main ingredient for Crayon Burger is beef patties and chicken meat, I do not have any problem with it. Take note that I’m using the same amount of what they usually serve. I did add on to make it thicker or even edit it to make it huge patties.
If you asked me regarding the taste of the burgers, I would say it is acceptable for me. Well, I’m not good in describing about food since I’m not a food blogger or food critic. You can just google and see public feedback. I’m not really particular with food, anything that’s halal and can make my stomach full is good enough already.

This time, the food is totally can be eaten. Some of the additional stuff that I use on my previous commercial food photography are:

Hair wax – to make the cheese on Pizza firm and at the same time it melts.
Motor Oil – To replace pancake syrup.
Fabric spray – To prevent the motor-oil syrup from soaking into the pancake.
Mixture of oil and water – To make the vegetables look fresh.
Cigarette or Cotton balls – To create the illusion of steaming-hot foods.
Toothpicks – To make the burger stand or hold unruly sandwiches.

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