This is one of my favorite dish. Normally I used to cook it by baked. Since I want try the new style, I choose to make it steam. I cook it since my GF still with me. I would like to make her try as much as possible a lot of nice food before she go to Kulim, Kedah for the posting….Scare she eat maggie mee everyday lol XD…


1) Mirepoix. Celery, Carrot & Onion. Onion leaf (for thight the fish)
2) Pandan leaf & Chop parsley.
3) Salt, Pepper & 2pcs of bay Leaf.
4) Fish Fillet.
5) Oil.Method:
1) Put all the Mirepoix, 2 pcs of Bay Leaf, Oil & half of Pandan Leaf into the pot.
2) Mix the fish fillet with the chop parsley, Salt & Pepper.
3) If too the fish fillet too thick, divided it to two.
4) Tight the fish like the picture showed.
5) Put the fish fillet like the photo above.
6) Add the Pandan Leaf.
7) Boil the fish fillet until cook and take out from the pot. Served it on the plate and remove the onion leaf & carrot.