I believe that if you want to cook something, it’s depends on what is your purpose. If it’s for someone that important in your life, you will cook it properly, nicely and of course nice ^^

Sorry once again Joshua, Jane & Khairul. I will post it how to cook the dish ya…
Hope you guys can try by your own and just give me a call if got problem or msn XD

How FeeQ get’s the idea?

I was pass one of the Spanish restaurant at Seremban. I went to terminal 2 Seremban with one of my friend and that time we want to buy for her friend bus ticket to go back Johor. I saw one of waitress serve this dish and since she love to eat asparagus, I tried to find the recipe. At last I found it (through internet) but unfortunately, she do not have chance to try even though I promise to cook for her. If you read my blog, I hope you can try it by your own ^oo^.

If you go to Singapore there have one Spanish restaurant located at Clark Quay served this dish as well (they used bacon) which is cost you around SGPD 20++ per plate.

P/S: Joshua, Jane & Khairul I hope this recipe it’s not too late for your party ^oo^


1: Gourmessa Beef.
2: Enoki Mushroom.
3: Red Capsicum.
4: Tau Mui.
5: Asparagus.
6: Chives (kuchai)
7: Butter.
8: Seasoning (not necessary Maggi Cukup rasa)


1 & 2: Blunch the Enoki Mushroom and asparagus
(put a while inside hot water and take out then put inside cold water)
3: Season the beef.
4: Add Enoki Mushroom, Asparagus and Red Capsicum.
5: Roll and tight with the chives.
6: Add butter.
7: Fry the beef.

P/S: Chopped the tau Mui and cook with black pepper sauce.

Final product.

Next project is pasta with red bull ^oo^