Sushi!!! XD
I love it so much ^^ In my previous post, I post about how to cook Prawn Tempura right?
Now, I want “teach” how to make a simple sushi XP
Sushi also a part of Japanese Bento!

Is this a sushi?
Answer: YES!!!


1: Slice of red capsicum.
2: Crabstick (boiled)
3: Chicken Sausage.
4: Cucumber.
5: Carrot.
6: Prawn (boiled)

1: Bread Crump.
2: No need.
3: No need.
4: Seaweed.
5: Mayonnaise.
6: Tuna.
7: Japanese rice.


1st of all you must have the tools to make the rice into that shape. You can get it at Jusco as well. Unless you guys good enough and no need to use it.
(This is the easier way to make the rice into that shape)

1: Put a seaweed like on the picture.
(The rough side inside)
2: Add a Japanese rice.
(Do not put too much coz it’s will hard for you to roll it)
3: Add a slice of cucumber, carrot and chicken sausage.
4: Add a slice of cucumber, carrot and crabstick.

1: Add mayonnaise.
(for chicken sausage only)
2: Roll the sushi.
3: Make sure you get that shape.
(must be firm to avoid the ingredients come out)

For topping, you can add a slice of capsicum or tuna.
You can add a mayonnaise as well for the crabstick.

My “Simple Japanese Bento Set”