Last few days, I cooked simple Japanese Bento. What is Japanese Bento? lolx
So, I will show how to cook Tempura since inside Simple Japanese Bento that I cooked have tempura. It’s a traditional Japanese dish. Tempura is basically fried seafood and vegetable coated with a thin layer of batter.

Prawn Tempura!


1: Egg Wash.
2: Tempura flour mix (this is the key to the best Tempura) or Corn Flour + Salt.
I recommend you obtain authentic Japan-made Tempura flour. Can get it at Jusco.
3: Bread Crump.
4: Prawn & Squid.
If you can obtain, chi-ku-wa (Japanese fish sausage) is good for Tempura as well.
5: Oil.


1: Heat the oil in the frying pan or pot.
2: Mix well the prawn with the Tempura flour or corn flour & salt.
3: Dip the prawn in the egg wash.
4: Damp a piece of prawn into the batter, pull it out and wait for a second or less to let the batter drizzle off.
5: Throw it into the fryer.
6: Repeat until there’s no space left on the surface of the oil.
(Don’t put too many pieces into the fryer at once)