It’s quite long time already that I didn’t update my blog with cooking. My previous post about what I cook is Steam Fish!

Now I’m staying at Damansara & busy with my internship. So, it’s very hard for me to find time to cook. I search from my hard disk & I saw there’s have 1 dessert that I haven’t update.

So, this time I will show you guys my worst skill XD cook a hot dessert…

Thong Shui!

Rice Flour,
Pandan leaves,
2 pcs of Cloves,
1 Cardamom,
Coconut Milk.

Mix the rice flour and salt in a frying pan but do not add oil!
Stir the flour for 3 minute.

Add some water and stir.

Stir again until they become well integrated.

Use your hand to make the rice flour into ping pong ball shape.
Put a side.

Boil a water. Add a Sugar, Pandan leaves, 2 pcs of Cloves & 1 Cardamom.

After 5 minute, add a rice flour into the pot.

After 10 minute, add Coconut Milk & Sago into the pot.

Stir it and let it boil.
Remember to remove the bubble on the top.

After 1 hour, the dessert is ready.
Enjoy your dessert XD