Making a “simple stir fry” isn’t all that simple. Getting the stir fry sauce to taste just right is usually a challenge. But stir-fried mix vegetables is a no-fail recipe, mostly because the stir-fry sauce is made before beginning to fry the vegetables, allowing you to adjust the flavor according to your taste.
Try it as a side dish, or make it the main course. You can add slices of chicken, fish or seafood (if you are non-vegetarian) can be added as a protein source – you’ll love it!


Top Left…
Oyster Sauce, Sliced Long Beans, Sliced Mushrooms, Sliced Carrots.
*Pandan leave not include ^^

Bottom Left…
Oil, Chopped Garlic, chopped Onions & Chopped Chili.


Heat the oil.

Top Left…
Add Chopped Garlic, chopped Onions & Chopped Chili . Add Sliced Long Beans, Sliced Mushrooms & Sliced Carrots.

Bottom Left…
Add a little bit water and stir it well. Add oyster sauce and stir it again for 5 minutes.

This is the final product!